March 23, 2018

Winter Spent in London

I had the opportunity to spend January and February in London! I was helping teach accounting and finance to study abroad students. It was a lot of fun and allowed me a lot of time to explore the beautiful city, as well as travel elsewhere around the UK and Europe. From adventuring through the Italian Alps and Norway on a pair of skis to exploring the beautiful and old architecture of Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland, I had the trip of a life time! – McCall

Sunset while driving through the mountains Norway.

Running through Regents Park on the snowiest day London has seen in over 10 years!

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

A little Villa in San Cassiano, Dolomites, Italy

The little town of Corvara, Dolomites, Italy

Exploring Venice while I waited for a bus to take me to the mountains.

The beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland on an early morning run.

The White Cliffs of Dover, England – we had the place to ourselves!

March 23, 2018