August 6, 2021

Sisilia Styles

Growing up with all girls and having a mother who loved fashion, Sisilia – the owner of Sisilia Styles says,“Fashion and Styling were always in me.” Sisilia Styles began as an online personal styling service and transformed into selling accessories by accident, which became the niche they were looking for. In the early stages of Sisilia Styles, they began selling on Instagram but has now turned into a full-blown online accessory shop, selling everything from earrings, bracelets, rings, head scarves and sunglasses.

The year 2020 presented its challenges, especially small businesses owners, however, Sisilia says that it was the best year they have ever had. Sisilia attributes that to their change in marketing strategy. Consumers were looking for normality, so they showed them that you can accessorize and feel put together even while sitting in sweats, on the couch, binge watching Netflix.

One problem that they faced were manufacturing challenges and delays – they were all overseas.Shipment of their products became significantly slow, but they found a way to supplement the products that were on back order by being prepared to hand craft clay earrings. Luckily, it didn’t come to that, but Sisilia was creative and entrepreneurial enough to find solutions to keep consumers satisfied.

In a market full of competition and consumers wanting instant gratification, Sisilia says that what drives her everyday in her business is the wonderful people she gets to meet through Sisilia Styles. Women are wonderfully supportive, especially the Polynesian women – who make up for a large percentage of their clientele. Sisilia was laid-off last year, due to the pandemic, and this company she cultivated helped her and her family stay afloat during an uncertain time.

We are grateful to Sisilia for having us feature Sisilia  on Retail Row. We look forward to watching her business grow. Sisilia Styles is launching their latest collection on Friday – August 6 th , 2021. Check out our Instagram for information on how to enter our $100 gift card giveaway!

August 6, 2021