March 26, 2021

Piper & Scoot

Piper & Scoot is a local boutique located in Draper, Utah. Kylee Middleton started the company in 2014 not knowing how serious it would get. It started in their house, fulfilling orders and shipping everything out themselves. Kylee and her husband Nate quickly realized they had something, and Nate decided to quit his fulltime job. Pretty soon orders were filling up their kitchen, basement, bedroom, everywhere. They knew they needed to expand and take on a warehouse. They purchased their first warehouse/ tiny storefront in Draper in 2014 and not even a year later outgrew it. They relocated their warehouse to a larger space in Bluffdale and turned their current warehouse into a full retail store. It’s now become their flagship store that they hold a lot of pride for!

Piper & Scoot focuses on clothing that makes every woman feel comfortable and beautiful through every stage of life. From teenagers, college students, nursing moms, women over their 50’s, there is something for everyone. Even their retail store has an inviting feel including comfy seating and a play area for those to stay occupied while others try on clothes.

COVID really opened their eyes to what was important and what they needed to focus on to continue to grow the company. They have a very large online customer base; however, a lot of their clothing focuses on events and outings such as weddings, graduations, date nights, etc. which took a complete halt. It was then that they decided to make some important changes to their business and focus on growing strong which helped them push through. Another struggle Kylee said she often faces is being a full-time working mom. Mom guilt is definitely real, but she has strived to find a good balance between working and being with her kids. Her kids are a huge motivator for her to be doing what she does. It’s important to show her daughter and two boys that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

Piper & Scoot is still rapidly growing and will be opening up a few more retail locations! Including City Creek in downtown Salt Lake City, UT this April! Stay tuned for their other locations!

March 26, 2021