February 15, 2018

Exciting things to come at the Point of the Mountain!

The vision is distilled down to twelve signature elements with goals, strategies, and short-term tasks designed to help guide the Point of the Mountain towards the future chosen by residents throughout the process to date. The twelve signature elements of the vision are:

  1. A deep, diverse, and highly-trained workforce
  2. Improved air quality and natural resource use
  3. A connected network of trails, parks, and open space
  4. Vibrant urban centers
  5. Jobs close to where people live
  6. A variety of community and housing types
  7. A new north-south boulevard
  8. A connected street network
  9. World-class public transportation
  10. North-south and east-west throughput
  11. A catalytic job core & urban center at the prison site
  12. A nationally-recognized research and university presence

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This will be an awesome transformation not only for the Point of the Mountain but for Utah!

February 15, 2018