March 3, 2021

Dasks Authentic Greek Food

Jorge Daskalakis has been in the Restaurant business since he was old enough to work. In the seventies, Jorge’s parents, Gus and Mary Daskalakis, opened their first restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. In 1982 they moved to The Crossroads Mall where they established their business for many years and gained quite the following of loyal customers. Jorge had his own profession but helped his parents on the side. In 1989, his parents retired leaving him and his brother to takeover. The business was thriving. Right after the 2002 Olympics, they were told that the mall would be closing its doors and demolished to develop City Creek Center as it stands today. At that time, Jorge decided to look for a location outside of the mall so they could dictate their own hours and rules. Seventeen years ago, Dasks opened at the Old Mill Village at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon. This location has proved to be a huge success for Dasks—with dozens of corporate offices sitting at the base of the canyon, plus all the post-ski day traffic, hotels, and their loyal customers from their downtown days.

Dasks serves Greek and American Cuisine, but with Greek Cuisine being so vast, they stick to the basics: gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita, dolmathes, and lemon rice. Additionally, they serve delicious burgers and fries, as well as corn dogs, salads, the best pita bread, and more. Their goal is appeal to all palettes. When COVID hit, they never shut down. They were quickly able to figure out a way to efficiently offer curb-side-service. They also heavily relied on food delivery services such as Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and their own delivery service. Since a large portion of their customer base is the corporate population in the surrounding area, this hurt. Now that they are able to once again offer dine-in services, people are starting to come back. One of the biggest challenges they are currently facing is when customers come in maskless. They work tirelessly to be patient & offer masks or turn those who refuse a mask away. They can’t risk being shut down due to customers not following protocol. Comparatively speaking to their sales averages, their sales in 2020 were down yet they feel very blessed that they were able to stay open and all their loyal customers keep coming back.

When asked what motivates Jorge to go into work every day, he told us: “You really have to watch these little restaurants. People come in to see YOU. I want to be here if anything goes wrong so I can quickly resolve the issue.” He also told us that his two oldest children are old enough to work now and he really values the opportunity to teach his kids by working side-by-side at the restaurant. His love for his kids motivates him every day. He wants them to learn how to work hard, how to be appreciative, and learn to effectively communicate with people as good customer service is so important.

March 3, 2021