May 7, 2021

Al’s Sporting Goods

In 1921, with a $500.00 loan and a dream, Alvin Larsen set out to open a bicycle and fishing reel repair shop. 100 years later, Al’s Sporting Goods is still thriving in Logan, Utah with its bicycle and fishing reel departments amongst the busiest in the store.

Al’s Sporting Goods has grown tremendously over the past 100 years; in 2014 they moved into their new 60,000 square foot retail store in Logan, 2017 opened their second location at University Place Mall in Orem, UT and despite the COVID-19 pandemic Al’s expanded to Idaho Falls, ID with their third location opening in 2020.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Al’s was able to power through due to their classification as an essential business. Like many other operators, sales were low in the beginning because of the consumer’s resistance to shopping in stores, however that was short lived. Al’s has made history in their company and growth has been off the charts. Their ability to stay open has kept them from experiencing any layoffs and they have hired more staff as growth has been exponential. Al’s Sporting Goods also has a fantastic e-commerce presence and online sales have led to incredible increase in sales.

The biggest challenge for 2021 is manufacturing. With manufacturers shut down during the pandemic and slowly opening, inventory is backed up. Their challenge will be having the ability to keep shelves stocked.

Al’s exceptional customer service and wide variety of products have their customers always coming back for more. We are excited to feature them on Retail Row and to offer four $25 gift cards to Al’s Sporting Goods to our readers. Please check out our Instagram page @tc_retailgroup for information on how to enter! 


May 7, 2021